Using the Law of Attraction

law-of-attractionWhen people hear that the mind offers them endless possibilities, they tend to not believe this simple truth. There were countless of studies that showed these possibilities, and all of you have heard about the Placebo Effect. For those who don’t know about it, the Placebo Effect is like this – if you give a person a pill and you tell him or her that the pill is for a headache, they will take the pill and their headache will pass away. The secret to this is that the pill was not a headache pill. Their mind believed that the pill would make their headache go away, so it acted accordingly.

The same is with the Law of Attraction – what you believe would happen, then it surely will happen. Your mind is a vast territory that offers you endless possibilities, both for right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure. You need to understand that the saying ,,think positive,, is not just a cliché, but it is something that actually works.

The Meaning


It is said that what you ask is what you get. This is very true, and it’s not only about going to the market and asking for a bottle of water. This is what happens every day in your life. If you think positive things, then you attract positive things. If you think negative things, then you will surely attract negative things. A simple example would look like this – if you expect to receive a bill in your mailbox, then you will surely find a bill in your mailbox. If you feel that you can’t pay the bill, then you will surely not be able to pay the bill. The secret to this is very simple – things usually happen the way you expect them to happen. This is why a positive thinking is said to change your world so much, and this is the same reason why you should do all in your power to make sure you have as many possible thoughts as you can. Negativity can influence your life in unexpected ways, and it’s never pretty.

The Steps

Get-Law-of-AttractionFirst of all, you need to be conscious of what you thing. If you stay a little and follow your line of thinking, you will see that you have random thoughts about different things that happen in your life. Your mind will jump from one subject to another and you will constantly think about the exact things that affect you directly.

Think Good Thoughts

Mother Theresa is a famous person who said that she doesn’t think about stopping the war, but she constantly thinks about peace. There is a huge difference between these two – first of all the war is a negative thing, while the peace is definitely a positive thing. Thinking good thoughts, like in the case of Mother Theresa, makes a huge difference, both for you and the outside world.

What you think is what you become and what you attract. The secret to all of this is that you should guard your like of thinking – you need to become conscious of the things that you have inside your mind. Whenever you think that you won’t have the means for paying a bill, think the opposite – that your bill will be paid. Don’t think ,,I don’t have enough to pay the rent,, but think about ,,I have enough money, my rent is paid,,. It’s a very simple thing but you need to do it consciously, at least at first.

law_of_attraction_is_not_working_for_meNever Doubt

This is another thing that you have to be careful about. If for example, you want to have access to a better-paid job, don’t consider it an impossible option. You can meditate for a few minutes every day and eliminate all the negative thoughts from your mind. Use relaxing music and concentrate on the things that you want to accomplish. Think about how wonderful it feels to have a new job, a job that is better paid, and a job that offers you the satisfaction that you want. Simply reproduce the feeling of things already accomplished. If you want to know how to use the Law of Attraction, you also need to learn how to feel that the things you wish for have already become reality.