Sarah Carter

My name is Sarah, a 37-year-old entrepreneur based in London. Sarah has a degree in business from a reputable university in the London and have spent my career working in various industries before finding her passion for manifesting.

I run a business related to manifesting and firmly believe that manifesting is the key to achieving your dreams. I use my knowledge and experience to help others harness the power of manifesting in their own lives, offering coaching, workshops, and resources to help individuals unlock their full potential.

My approach to manifesting is grounded in practicality and results. I  believe that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are willing to put in the work and cultivate a positive mindset. I am dedicated to helping my clients develop the skills and tools they need to manifest success in all areas of their lives.

With my education and experience in business, I have a keen understanding of what it takes to run a successful enterprise. I am passionate about building a thriving business that not only helps others but also creates value and contributes positively to the community.

Overall, Sarah I am a driven, passionate, and knowledgeable entrepreneur who is committed to helping others achieve their dreams through the power of manifesting.